Non à non

No to saying no. That's what this means. 

I'm working on consciously and with concerted effort choosing to live a life of least resistance - it's so easy to knee jerk "no". At the essence, its not as simple as the no we're all used to. The no for me, often manifests itself in interesting ways...and more often than not, it rears its unproductive, shitty little head when it comes to my progression, my expansion and my success I say no to my own fearless, exposure of myself. I'm first to say that I can often inadvertently spill out the no's, rather than allowing whatever that is, to just be.

I've been in a bit of a weird time recently, not really 100% sure as to why I was feeling so unsettled, confused, upset. Without plumbing the depths, it was just a mood. Was I hormonal? Nope. Was I just being a bitch for no reason? Maybe, but unlikely. So, like any I had a huge sit down talk with my mum and sister; the two women who empowered me to use my Capricornian voice, allowing its childlike bellows to be heard from the top of the stairs. I was told to speak up. Perhaps though, in that fearless, steadfast...or stubborn, use of my voice I've forgotten when I truly need to relax and allow yes's so just pour over me. To allow my happiness and joy to guide me and allow me to remember my true nature always.

My mum once again shared with me, the profound knowledge of Esther and Jerry Hicks, who, along with her ability to weave a cocoon of motherly, deeply spiritual knowledge and love around me, also knows me at my core and whatever I'm going through.  Whatever situation we're in now, whatever shit we're feeling, whatever muddy swamps we feel we're wading through, we have to allow it. We must move through it without conflict, anger, lack consciousness and upset.

I'm working towards "allowing" more, letting the weight of expectations, mental pressures, self inflicted criticisms fall away, being left instead with relief.  I choose relief! 

"Your emotions tell you everything that you need to know about your state of allowing or of not allowing. In other words, when you feel positive emotion it means you are in vibrational harmony with your Source, and you are allowing the good things that you are wanting to come to you. It is that simple.

When you feel that which you call positive emo- tion, such as joy or appreciation, or a feeling of love or well-being... those feelings that make your heart sing, those exhilarating feelings, those feelings, whether it ranges from contentment to passion, those feel- ings that you would call good feelings, those feelings that you would wish for all people that you love, (and if you are very wise you would wish them for all people that you don’t even know and maybe not love) as you are in that place of feeling good — you are in the place of allowing. You are in the place of allowing what? Allowing Source Energy. Allowing connection with who you are. "