I want to be my word; always and as a priority.

There is no place for deceit in my life, above all honor and integrity. What can we create when we choose to live a life of integrity and authenticity? I believe we can create a life that's actually worth living; relationships that work and flow, a career that flourishes - all of that! When we live our life according to this premise (despite the deceit around us) what does that offer us? In my world, integrity is knowing myself well enough to walk to the beat of my own drummer. Knowing my truth whether that's palatable to other people or not, this isn't a "fuck you!" but rather about being soft and listening to our calling. When your word carries weight, it carries're communicating that, and your word becomes the carrier for honour, truth and love. In doing this, you're creating a multidimensional awareness and honorable truth that you live by.

 This is contagious shit and it's pretty magic. Do your thing, in integrity and love. Always