Times get tough and you have 2 minutes to make a adaptogenic, super-powered tonic.

Will the world keep turning if you don't have your fix..? No, it won't, that would be dramatic and your body will do just fine, without it. If you don't like inflammation and your a known lover of optimal immune function, ridding your body of oxidative stress and keeping you adrenals functioning, then this drink is for you. 

When you find yourself, in times of trouble...what do you do? 
I make my Speedy Gonzales Turmeric Latte, dude.

You'll be powering for the day and for your life ahead.

I am so lucky to be a friend and longtime lover of WunderWorkshop's incredible bevy of Turmeric magic. Utilising the highest grade Turmeric from Sri Lanka, with added coconut powder to increase the bioavailability of the curcumin. Their product Instantly Golden gets me powering when I need a quick turmeric fix and I'm running out the door. It's available worldwide from amazing retailers (i.e. Free People, Urban Outfitters, Cap Beauty!)


1 tsp of Ashwagandha
1 tsp of Reishi
1 tbsp of WunderWorkshops Instantly Golden
500ml hot water
1 tsp of ghee (optional, BUT its very good and has been used for thousands of years in Vedic teachings It is considered the most sattvic food, meaning pure, balancing and harmonising for the body. It is considered sacred and close to god, coming from sacred cows. It reacts with all your bodily tissues, assisting with regeneration, expansiveness, spiritual awakening as well as nourishing your digestive system and being high in Vitamin K2, butyrate and Vitamin E. I am all for foods that are both physically and spiritually nourishing, so this is a go to.)
100ml of plant-milk of choice
6 drops of stevia
Infinite Love, Joy and Expansive, compassionate thought.

Place all ingredients in a shaker bottle or blender. Bless the elements that came together to allow you to be nourished by these products of mother natures magic, bless the bees, the soil, the rain, the people. Infuse some good humour, looooooove and compassion and you're on your merry way.