So old mate Mercury goes Retrograde yet again, and this time, it comes at a time of year when emotions are already running high. Whenever we get to these major milestones in our year ie. NYE, Christmas, Thanksgiving, amongst all of the effervescent excitement is a blindingly evident spotlight, pinning us down. Weighing our psyches and spirits down with all that we haven't done. All the things we haven't completed, the jobs we're still stuck in, toxic relationships that are vacuuming the life, love and ability to appreciate yourself in any way out of us. These loom, they hang over us like moths floating and flocking into the murky columns of the spotlight. The overwhelm, the familial dinners, the resolutions, the obligations, the deadlines; the knots in your stomach that manifest as tension through your body, inability to sleep. You know the stuff.

Our minds, hormones and ability to cope completely fall away. December comes and with every open of the advent calendar window, we draw nearer and nearer to the heavy, velvet curtain falling on the year prior. We leave ourselves in December feeling unsupported, eyes glued to the unravelling life, like little loose threads. Once you see them, you cannot unsee. It's time to up your intake of adaptogens, get ready to double dose the ashwaghanda, reishi and rhodiola.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. We're creatures of habit, some of these routines (ie. self-care, appreciation, love, compassion, giving) support us in our expansion and self-reflection. Some of them, we can do away with - breaking the neuro-pathways that have fired routinely. It's time for a bit of that.

So, coming back to retrograde; it's never the end of the world. It doesn't have to be a time of drama or confusion. Choose awareness, choose consciousness. We can decide to feel the overwhelm, or we can decide to head into a moment of self-reflection, asking ourselves the deep questions that need to be asked and listening deeply to the answers that present themselves both inwardly and from those around us. If we listen deeply, in the silence and reflection is a chorus singing loud and clear how to ensure we're equipped for every day of our life. All the questions reside within you, just turn down the external noise and breathe.

This holiday season, I urge everyone to breathe.
Breathe in the generosity of this time of year, breathe in the compassion, Breathe gratitude over your Christmas dinner, breathe in the Joy of those around us (despite the hoards of Christmas shoppers that draw out every cynical bone in your body). When we get cynical, we shut ourselves off to receiving. Creating. Open yourself up to the Summer/Winter season and all the changes that occur, open yourself to the sky, the earth. Express gratitude. 

Retrograde calls us to lift any pre-conceived cynicism away, take a breath, be silent and you'll realised you're perfectly placed. Feel it and heal it.

My love always!