It's not a tangible feeling, being completely compelled and held by a crowd of people, all vibrating at the same frequency as you. All walking, chanting a modern mantra. 

Then, simultaneously knowing that there are millions of fellow women across the world, also compelled to love, hold, cry, yell, create waves and become a complete embodiment of the divine feminine. I had chills, I watched as women I didn't even know shared my exact sentiments.
We invoked feminists who had marched from the very beginning. We listened. We heard indigenous custodians across the world, who's rights continue to be trampled on. We listened. With each fist that propelled itself out of the masses, more followed and just like that, we have a revolution.
We recited chants from the women of the Women's Liberation movement, who had paved the way, their lack of equality, spurring them on and blossoming out of the mud like a lotus, to create an empowerment and unprecedented strength. We arrived at a new juncture. January 21st, across the world the divine feminine reared its beautiful head. Every pore radiating with truth and strength. It felt like we entered a new age. Women and men and everyone in-between oozed courage, resilience, vulnerability and the resistance gracefully exited the womb. 

Whilst every morning we wake to developments that tear at our most moral, compassionate, human parts of ourselves and spark fear and often anger, the example that was set in cities across the world on that glorious day, created a beautiful domino effect of Herculean proportions. Women came together again.

Regardless, we know what it feels like to unite. To hold hands with women we don't know, and may never see again. We know what it feels like to be listened to, to be totally heard, the most authentic part of our being pines to be listened to, to have our needs met and each one of us truly heard each other on that day.
The march continues with the rise of the sun every day. Every glorious woman you encounter on the street is your sister, she may not have marched but it's your job to see every human with the eyes of love and generosity, kindness and compassion. There is no space for the vitriol that is being forced down the throats of many Americans. We must choose love always and remember what it feels like to fully come in to your own as a feminine, fucking sexy, sacred, incredible, smart, strong, loveable lady.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”