In Traditional Chinese Tonic Herbalism, Jing is the first "treasure" and the primal energy of our life. When we are conceived, our parents' jing merges. 
This united essence goes on to create the foundation of us as human beings. Jing is our energy and is said to be the very root source of our vitality and longevity. It is essential to our lives. SO, you got to source the means to strengthen your supply of internal jing, so you can be forever young, vital and radiant, but full of wisdom and knowledge. Beauty n' Brainz. 
You can do that by consuming potent tonic herbs according to Daoists and tonic herbalists.

I have a bounty of herbs I love to take each morning, adaptogens, roots, mushrooms, ayurvedic concoctions and other wondrous herbs that have studies to back them up and have been used in many cultures for millennia. This is all based on how I feel, so obviously this isn't gospel. Which is to confirm that I don't think I'm a preacher/priestess of any kind. Obviously be intuitive about taking anything and do your own research. 
I just love the feeling of these herbs in my body, which is why I choose to take them. If they resonate with you and you wanna pop a reishi pill, then by all means do it because you want to.

Today, I whipped up my morning cup of the hard stuff. This morn, I was looking for a bit of jing replenishing action, so I brewed a mug of dandelion root tea as a base and added a bevy of adaptogenic goods in the mix. Today, the Sydney weather decided to pull a sickie, there was no sign of sunshine, it was cold and I had a real jacket dilemma which resulted in a Mt Everest sized pile of coats (17!!!) on my bed. I pulled out all the shots, got some herbs for strengthening of life force, enhancing adaptability through #Cordyceps#HeShouWu and #Reishi  

Cordyceps is a force to be reckoned for power, strength, oxygenation of the body and the immune system.
He Shou Wu is for the adrenal gland function, radiance and healing, it is beautifying and feels good good.
Reishi is a number one bad ass mushie in the forest, the Queen Healer, for longevity, mental clarity and immunity.

Blend a teaspoon of everything with 1/2 a teaspoon of anti-inflammatory turmeric from the golden Alchemists at Wunder Workshop. Curcumin has been found to be a strong anti-inflammatory and helps fight inflammation at a molecular level. It also neutralises free-radicals. Curcumin is fat soluble, so making the nutrients more bioavailable with some healthy fats in the form of MCT Oil from Scents of Awe and a teaspoon of Vitamin D and E in the form of Rice Bran Solubles, with a generous glug of homemade oat milk and you're well on your way to living until 1000 and thats like, 4000 fashion weeks...