This week we traverse the territory of the millennial, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. This year, she turns 21. What a gal, so much achieved for such a young soul.


We open on a rocky scene, dripping with true-blue Australiana vibes; Murray River Sandstone graces every sceric of the landscape. We have a total cityscape blanketed in newfangled ideas, architecture and silhouettes, juxtaposed with the panoramic vista of Millers Point, the unique golden Australian environment is a perfect opening to the first day of Fashion Week. 

Here is me "checking emails"/scrolling through Instagram amongst a bevy of other occupied women and men. My face is appears deep in serious fashion concentration, thinking of Resort 17 trends; perhaps another round of off the shoulder tops is on the agenda? Little does everyone know, I'm actually watching a slew of earthy hippy babies eating nutritional yeast laden string beans and my heart is exploding but I can't show it, because...*FASHION*. 

Glasses by Gucci, Dress by Dress Up

via Harpers Bazaar US by Diego Zuko