I have been raised with Krishna Consciousness. When I say Krishna Consciousness, I mean it in the sense of expanded oneness and consciousness, a non-separatist precept rather than complete devoutness to Krishna as the one true, monotheistic god. I see chanting as an exercise of bliss and joy, allowing these same feelings of inter-connection with the whole Universe to flood my cells. This isn't about names, about deities or gods. It is about Oneness. Even though my mother is not a Hindu or a Hare Krishna devotee, it is the consciousness of dharma based philosophies that place compassion and "ahimsa" as well as the recognition that we hold the Divine within us, as the pinnacle of awakening. It wasn't forced or manipulated into me, rather presented to me through the vibration of various mantras, which nurtured the frequency of Krishna consciousness and expanded awareness. The chants are pure bliss. Mornings not only included a healthy breakfast, but a gentle chanting CD in the background, allowing that energy of utter joyousness to pour into me. We could either chant along with the CD or just get along with our day, more often than not it lead to fearless dance through the house.
This doesn't mean that we're perfect, but maybe we have compassion for our imperfection.