If we're looking at the energy of Spring, and the significance it bears for women, theres a lot to think about. If we look at how the divine female energy manifests itself in the material world, during spring, we obviously see the emergence of life; plants and animals, creating the space for bountiful harvests and the like.

Spring is so damn underrated. Spring envelopes womanhood, fertility is emphasised as we can see nature as the womb, filled with the seeds of possibility. The entire universe is within a seed.

Basically, the pure magic of birth is magnified in the spring time magic that I am 100% in the midst of right now. Feeling floral and a bit fruity.

The upshot of spring time is this; rejuvenation allowing our ability to look back with clarity to see where it is that we've arrived from, and equally, where we're going to go. There is clarity, there is a lightness, a breath of fresh air. We want to embody this energy of spring time because in doing so, we have a fertile outlook, our future has the possibility to flourish, to be nourished by light and dark equally.

So, I wear a Pansy Print Réalisation Par top to honour all the elements, earth energies and cosmic ones that come together to allow our seasons to flow with such ease and perfect metaphor. Spring is the microcosm for our possibility, be renewed, put on a sheet mask, massage yourself, nurture yourself, allow your seeds to create a bountiful, beautiful harvest.