The Navajo people count the Bluebird as the Spirit in animal form - associated with dawn and the rising sun. These cultures are taught to rise and greet the sun with a song to the bluebird...a sun salutation of sorts. The Bluebird is one of the most revered animals in Native American culture and almost all positive emotions and sentiments are linked directly with the Bluebird. The bluebird is magical and is used to represent confidence in the positive as well as the bringer of spring and life. Innocence is inherently connected with the image of the bluebird which reminds us to take time for happiness, as we can too often get wrapped up in the disillusionment and anger.  After a day of wandering on what felt like a Spring day (wattle is blooming already, signifying the coming of spring and new life), there happened to be a lovely little bluebird on a gate which was a perfect reminder to stay content in all that is presented to me and my future. A cynicism reflects a lack of innocence the bluebird reminds us to keep the innocence that makes the universe flow and keep the opportunities alive and abundant. Sometimes we all need a reminder.

It is thought the bluebird reflects the sky, which reminds me of a gorgeous poem by Yoko Ono...

"When you are feeling bad, do one thing a day to make your heart dance. It could be a simple thing like looking up at the sky."