We humans are solar-powered…you can feel as the winter rolls in we begin to notice the change of moods, the change in skin, energy, the food we want to nourish ourselves with. As Solar Powered beings, harnessing the powerful energy of the sun is extremely integral to live a fulfilled and healthy life. Our Manipura Chakra (often called the Solar Plexus) is our energy centre, radiating and drawing upon the suns energy to stimulate life force and prana through our entire inner body, and outer body. I’m always interested in the macro and microcosm, or “as above, so below” meaning that everything is a reflection of each other. In this way, the manipura chakra is our own bodies sun, just as the literal sun keeps our planet growing a strong, so too does the manipura. Similarly, it is widely known that soaking up the suns incredible healing rays can have a remedial effect on your solar plexus and as a direct result…your entire body. Magic! This wasn't supposed to be a chakra spiel, rather a discussion about the importance and magic of the sun, both literally and energetically. Always inspired by George Harrison, the song "Here Comes The Sun" evokes the feeling of the impending Spring, the sun finally returning and with that the smiles returning to faces. Thats what I'm feeling right now...I am wanting the sun to permeate my pores and give me life-force and happiness! It's on it's way Australia!

Surya Namaskar is translated from sanskrit to mean Sun Salutation; a regular routine through yogic practice of greeting the suns vital energy and letting it stimulate our bodies, awakening our mind, body and meridians for the day ahead. Sun Salutations assist in distribution prana through our body, but sun salutations aren’t just amazing for your Solar Plexus; it is known as one of the most harmonising and balancing yogic sequences that assist in bringing all your chakras into complete unification and balance. Not only that, doing a Sun Salutation is a form of gratitude to the sun, without the magic ball of energy life would be impossible. So say your thanks to the almighty sun when you can. 
I’ve been fascinated with fascination towards the sun; George Harrison's “Here Comes the Sun” is a wonderful ode to the beauty and power of the sun, celebrating the return of the sun after a cold winter, taking pleasure in the pleasure people take whilst basking in the suns rays. This past weekend the Australian Sydney Spring was properly felt for the first time, and shops were empty as the people chose to forgo buying shit we don't need for a breakfast outside and a dip in the ocean. I soaked up some rays on my front balcony, reading Rumi, drinking a green tea and just literally basking in the glory of the sun. Basking is very very good. But remember to put some good ol' sun screen on (I'm allergic to basically all sunscreens, but you can find some good organic, extra-sensitivo, non-irritating ones out there).
I know I'm most at home when the sun is shining, I feel healthy from the inside right to the outside, my skin loves the Vitamin D and my soul and body loves the prana. I adore sunrise, seeing the sky change from blue to gold and watching the sun peek over the horizon is magic. I wish I saw it more, but I also love bed, and you can't have both.

How does the sun make you feel?