Today we honour the legendary woman, mother, activist and icon that is Bianca Jagger. She may have iconic style; white suits that embody her power which are just as iconic as that marriage to Mick Jagger (which ended 1979), but the work she has completed since then is unparalleled. She is a Woman Almighty. For most of her life now, she has fought in the field of human rights, preservation of indigenous cultures, the Amazon and the environment. Her life's work is immense and it is so important to recognize her continual efforts to change the global corporate agenda and consciousness. There is nothing more inspiring to me than a woman who has a mission and a strong moral compass.

If I could have the brains, poise, heart and strength of one woman, I would pick Bianca.

“I am not just a celebrity, I am a human-rights advocate for the last 20 years”

Bianca Jagger calls for a paradigm shift in the way we make and enact global policy and legislation. Her foundation "The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation” is dedicated to defending human rights, ending violence against women and girls, addressing the threat of climate change, supporting the rights of indigenous peoples and defending the rights of future generations. “These issues may seen unrelated but their causes and some of their solutions are interconnected. I have always tried to look at the bigger picture. I am a firm believer in Aristotle’s observation, ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts.’” This is the front line work that she has done for many decades and continues to do, speaking loudly to the public and to the world's leaders to make global waves and change for the betterment of all those who inhabit our world.

Where did we decide that the preservation and protection of our lands was less important than the building of destructive dams and continual deforestation? At what point in time did we decide that corporate agenda and government policy trump cultures that have honoured and survived off Pachamama for many many moons? Why do we relentlessly pillage the earth and its earthlings? Why aren't these mammoth corporations being held accountable for the regular and continual destruction of this land through fracking, fossil fuels, human "development", deforestation and the destruction of nature's finely tuned ecosystems. When do we all decide to unite with Bianca and fight against this relentless injustice?

Her campaigns call to raise awareness of, not only environmental catastrophe, but to the issues of violence against women and inequality where the law fails to protect women. In all areas, her foundations calls for reform of legislation to ensure protection of women, culture, animals and the environment. 
It's a catastrophe and the world needs us to stand up with Bianca and fight for our future. She is fighting for future generations, the future of ancient cultures, the future of our ecosystem and for the future of humanity.

“I don’t think there was really a time when I have not been politically aware”. HEAR, HEAR!