One of the questions I've continued to ask the magic women I've interviewed is "Was there a specific moment when your knew you had to be an Alchemist in your world?" This week I'm making it my own personal mission to meditate on alchemy and being an alchemist. What does this mean in a 21st century context? We may not be literally turning lead into gold but we are making our lives golden and that is alchemy.

The name "The Alchemists" came out of a thread of similarity that connected me and the wonderful people I've so far interviewed - we are creating and manifesting in our own unique ways. We are looking at the micro and macro, creating and transforming through the lives we lead, the food we make and the world that we consequently effect. You can weave magic through the food you make all the way to the business you create and what you uniquely offer to the world. Alchemy has no boundaries; musicians are alchemists, chefs, designers, yogis, actors, business women and men are all alchemists. We all have the ability to alchemize and this has been something that I have had to come to terms with because this concept can seem so massive and so out of reach. Imagine literally turning lead into gold...

Alchemy is the ability to move past limitations and perceived obstacles into a new possibility, dimension and outcome.

So, Was there a specific moment when your knew you had to be an Alchemist in your world?

I don't think we turn into alchemists, we're born with the ability and are required to realise it. We have to step up to the plate and act upon changing the world. We have to fight the flow - in order for there to be change and activity in our worlds. We have to dig deep and find the grit - it's these moments of confrontation and conflict where it is not simple, it is not easy and it is super duper challenging, but this is where the GOLD and magic occurs.
To admit the truth, I have lived with alchemists my entire life and it had a huge positive effect on me. These people I was raised with were  creators, thinkers and doers. My mother is a spiritual alchemist, my father is an innovator and entrepeneur and my sister is an artist/filmmaker. No pressure on my end.

I'm calling this "The Alchemists" because I am so inspired by people and their continual motivation in their world and how they forge through to create something BIG out of thin air. These people are making shit happen in the best way and that is so cool and its not just for their own ego's its for the best for everyone concerned. This is my vision for myself.

I am bringing this home.