Mindfulness is the energy of attention. It is the miracle that allows us to become fully alive in each moment

I have been trying to act mindfully in all aspects of my life recently. Of course, in a perfect world, I am mindful in every action. In such a noisy, convoluted world, with distractions at every corner it can be especially difficult to be mindful. This means, even when we eat an apple we recognise that it contains the cosmos, the whole universe past and present, is within each bite of the apple. When we eat an apple, we think of the rain that helped it grow, the soil which contains our descendants, the sun that gives life. Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings have always been of high value in my family, but reading his works on mindfulness open a door to acting mindfully in every waking moment. It's hard. I don't do it 100%. But recognition is the first step. Be in silence walking, eating, getting dressed, drinking. Everything. Mindfulness creates peace inside us.

"The fruit of mindfulness practice is the realization that peace and joy are available within us and around us, right here and right now. Mindfulness is one of the five spiritual powers, but it also is the foundation for acting in the world in a way that reflects our true power"

"When you pour your tea, the act of pouring the tea into the cup can become an act of meditation if you pour with mindfulness. Don't think about the past. Don't think about the future. Don't think about what you're going to do the next day. Invest yourself entirely in the here and now. We have a tendency to run away from the hear and now - we are driven by our habit energy. The more we free ourselves of our habit energy, the more we will be capable of living fully in every moment of our daily life".

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