I love lush green parks for barefoot picnics and pretending its summer even though it was realistically 17 degrees. Which is cold. Don't fight me on this.

I especially love this park because in the midst of the city it is the most grounding space and has the most beautiful energy - it's a completely organic community garden complete with zucchinis and heirloom varieties of vegies. Its magic. As a result the park during the spring is full of bees, the smell of lavender and dogs running free. If that isn't a perfect combination I don't know what is. On this day I made dehydrated hemp and flax crackers - I try to stray from eating dehydrated too often though as it is quite heavy in the body and takes a lot of water out of you - but for a nice treat its a goody. Also I made a raw peppermint slice that looks super dodge because of the sun but was actually a really good, tasty food moment.

My mum always taught my sister and I to ground ourselves through the earth. When you're feeling disconnected, finding a bit of dirt and grass to stand and consciously extend your energy into the ground - like the roots of a tree, is so beneficial. Visualise your own roots. Meditating under a tree for months might not be an option for you but being conscious in that moment can work wonders for your overall wellbeing. This can bring a dynamic integration of your whole being. Sand/ocean can be used in place of grass.

Give it a go, make a mini meditation out of it.