If your diet consists of a steady IV drip of Green Juice then you're out of the woods - you're basically Mother Mary/Theresa/Meera incarnate and every man women and child should flock to hear you spout the gospel of modern "conscious living". You are enlightened, with each sip breathe in your holier than thou attitude and embrace that. Seriously. Your 1k weekend meditation course means you're certified spiritualist and is basically a get out of jail free card. Easy as.

Sarcasm, friends.
My waaaaaaaay too cynical (sorry) and all round critical intro is as a result of another natural health related saga that is very prominent in the media this week - begging people to question the integrity of a lot of people in this sector.

I LOVE Green Juice, I love Quinoa, I love yoga (hot or otherwise), Coconut Oil on my face, body and hair. Give it all to me, the greener, the better. But, I also love truth.

I am in no way critical of conscious living, eating healthily, doing yoga/meditating etcccccc. Having been raised with this consciousness I tend to err on the side of lenient when it comes to certain wankers in the alternative industries. I don't like lies, I don't like people who aren't transparent, and very egoically, I take certain offense to those in this already highly criticised industry who gain trust from the public, only to be a wolf in sheep's clothing and a charlatan.

For me, I was raised with truth and integrity being of incredible importance. Without truth, there is no stable platform to base relationships, friendships and life off of. For those who don't place emphasis on truth, there is often no way to help them because they're speaking from the point of deception. When you yourself, have an understanding of your personal truth it gives you a starting point for your authenticity.

Taking a step back to last Sunday, before the Whole Pantry shit hit the proverbial fan, a person close to me was due to start a new casual job at an emporium specializing super ca$$hed up cabbage and coconut oil. 

This person was due to start Tuesday, after over a month of having the job under her belt, at this point, as per protocol, the contracts had been signed, the formal letter of job offer was signed and everyone was happy. 

The Saturday night at quarter to 12 this person received an email from the luxe cabbage woman, which (very) poorly included the news that the job was not available any longer.
Keep in mind that -
a)    the woman never apologised for the enormous imposition that this caused

b)    the woman felt comfortable dishing out the news on a Saturday night, either ruining someone's Saturday night, or their Sunday day,

c)     The woman to this day, over a week later refused to acknowledge the unprofessional manner that this dealt and offered no financial compensation. Despite relinquishing the job offer with no valid reason and leaving this person without sufficient time to find a new job.

Honestly, the details aren't hugely important but this situation seemed to exemplify this high and mighty attitude that many people have and the really incongruous lack of integrity that seems to be popping up left, right and centre.
I'm not even going to go into the Whole Pantry/Belle Gibson-gate because Daily Mail has you covered I'm sure, but it's disappointing to say the least. If she had known the value of truth from a young age, it would have been physically impossible for her to deceive so many people as she did.

This is not to say you can't lie, or if you do, you're lacking in integrity (there are many varieties of fibs) but its so crucial to get the value of truth and integrity and the implications that deception has on others and yourself. By telling the truth and understanding the lie, you can right it.

I don't think that this only applies to those that like a bit of Greens 1 in their life and a farmers market come Saturday. I do think there is a huge line that has been blurred as of recently, many people forgetting that consciousness and your own truth comes from within, and that eating purple carrots, kale and meditating doesn't exemplify you being honest and virtuous. It doesn't mean everything you do is automatically right because you "were blessed this one time".

Over n' out, pals.