Picture this - 9 year old me, learning about endless suffering in Buddhist scripture.

Thank you Samsara Dog for softening the blow. (Basically a dog that reincarnates until it perfects its mind. Samsara in Tibetan Buddhism has everything to do with endless, perpetual suffering of the eternal cycle that is birth, life and death. So the dog in the end attains nirvana. Because dogs are perfect)
My favourite day was Tuesday's, because the cool children on the block would learn how to meditate and about compassion from anyone from local hippie mothers to Buddhist monks - 'twas nice to mix up the many varieties of Christian with a Buddhist teaching. So here is the backstory to today's lesson. Let's go!

Gimme a good market any day, kale, klothes'- anything. Eveleigh markets are ~~iCoNic!~ in Sydney because fashion week features once a yeAr in the same locale (just the tip of the iceberg) but also because there plethora of vege and mushie vendors is probably the best around. Truffle me and I'm yours. But I digress.

Today, a Saturday I had the pleasure to again buy some exy produce and juice as well as swan around with a magic large Buddha or two courtesy of the always excellent Sydney Festival.
Was seriously phenomenal in Carriageworks to literally run into both a Buddha from organic matter and the cast. For a Saturday, it was quiet so I got to share some time. Lucky.

The Buddha in question is created by the clearly amazing Zhang Huan, one being constructed with 20 tonnes of incense ash and the other buddha sitting directly opposite, the silver aluminium cast. The Buddha's are a "meditation on brevity of life and the cycles of of renewal and destruction. Over time, one of them is destroyed

Skirt; Alexa Chung for AG Jeans(of course), Top; (is actually a dress) Reformation, Boots; SAINT LAURENT, Hat; is from Strand Hatters because I love them.