I love animals and this is not news. That's fact, Jack.

So I guess its goes without saying that I down right despise when people go the route of - animal testing, palm oil, factory farming, excessive meat consumption, bull fighting, running with bulls, SEA WORLD, the annual slaughter of dolphins...the list continues and it will depress you.

If there is something the 90's did well (aside from TLC, butterfly clips & My So Called Life)  it was long haired damn fine guys with chutzpah, talent and a passion for the Voiceless Earthlings of the world. Now I may not have flowing man locks circa '92 but I do have a collection of PETA tees that would give Eddie Vedder and River Phoenix run for their money.

So I win.

Stand up to the abomination of SeaWorld and get your shirt here. You will not regret.

***SPECIAL MENTION goes to this guy, Mr Harry Styles, wearing his support for the Dolphin Project, who are very active in protecting dolphins from slaughter and exploitation. If you want to be educated and don't mind crying then The Cove chronicles a lot of their work.

Click below for some information on really amazing charities and not-for-profit groups who work in the realm of animals.