"I have a camel toe 9 to 5 I don't even give a shit". Famous quote by me.

These 501's give me said toe, but I still love them. How does that work? 
My denim problem spurs the length of Alexa Chungs collaboration collection for AG Jeans, to vintage Levis Ploughboy Flares which give me life and are the most comfortable thing around. Then there is the Bruce Springsteen-esque Levi 501, and Frame Denim (how do I love thee?) Le High Flare's and do not get me started on the Le Flare de Francoise Jumpsuit. Denim is a passion. Its also a problem. Vintage denim is the stuff of dreams.

I have worn the AC for AG "Revolution Jean" on repeat for months, so much so, that I bought another pair. I'm a lover of AG jeans because of their sustainable, integrated manufacturing process that utilises new technology called Ozone Technology which drastically reduces chemical waste, energy consumption and reduces the levels of water necessary. They are also all made in the USA, with a focus on eco-conscious fibres. To top that all off, they have partnered with Water; a non profit organisation focusing on bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing nations. Suffice to say, I love AG.

Good denim is few and far between, the denim market is so saturated that finding the perfect company, fit and style is like finding a needle in a haystack - the strict denim commandments are never followed. These are:

  1. Weight - If the jean is too thin you get jegging vibes and this is not right.
  2. Elastane - Too much elastane and you get jegging vibes and this is not right.
  3. Firmness - Give me tight 99% cotton. Tight around everywhere. They should be firm on first wear and will relax over time.
  4. Rise - Too low and its just wrong, too high and you get FUPA vibes. The rise is crucial.
  5. Buttons - Button fly or nothing. (I'm kidding, but I love a button fly)
  6. Ankle - I need ankle, I will cut the 501's to feature sock and boot and ankle. I want cold ankles. Unless you're going full flare and then I only want to see the very tips of your Supergas.
  7. Ass - We need perfect bum form. This is crucial. Some say the most important commandment. Thou shalt not have flat ass as a result of poorly made denim.

There you have it. Bring this checklist next time you're after some denim. Go AG and you will never look back. Or go vintage because Levi's didn't ass around with elastane.