I like to give. Giving and being compassionate has always been deeply engrained in my consciousness.  My first official philanthropic endeavours were in Texas when I was 6, when we regularly participated in Meals on Wheels initiatives for the large homeless population of Dallas. These people were kind, grateful and humble. Watching them gather around the meal truck and savour their gifts, was completely humbling. These people were grateful for the spare change they received, grateful for the time offered to them through conversation, - grateful to be alive in that moment. What always struck me, even at the tender age of 6, was the importance of humanity and kindness in a world that can so often be completed saturated with images of cruelty, harshness and carelessness. I remember those days vividly, they helped shape who I am as a human because caring for others less fortunate (humans and animals alike) was a no-brainer. I couldn't stand by and not make a difference - even if its just spare change. From there, my pocket money was donated to various environmental and animal organisations, and to this very day giving remains a favourite past time of mine.

As a kid, I recall my mother paying strangers compliments, no matter where they might be, no matter what it might be. But in that moment of compliment, you can change someones whole world and awareness. Many of us, have difficulty seeing our own good qualities. When we feel loved and recognised, a shroud can be lifted. We don't know the turmoil people are enduring, we don't know that one moment of love and recognition from a stranger can turn someones day around completely. It can also change the world. Take a moment to look up, see the beauty in strangers and in humans. Of course, In the smallest sense, we can give every single day - multiple times a day. FOR FREE! 

Suffice to say, my mum's fearless talking to strangers rubbed off on me. When you take time to actually SEE people, you'll find the compliment or gift pours out of you with no effort. You don't even need to try, you just have to tune in to the humans around you and see them as part of the universe. What is so magnificent about it is, from a non-egoic perspective, it is a gift knowing that you've made someone feel good, so you're simultaneously giving and receiving. The simple act can be addictive as you notice beauty in the little things, this simple act can be talking to someone who wouldn't usually be talked to, it can be a smile, it can be about their incredible hair colour, their laugh and it can be so fleeting and maybe superficial, but knowing you've made someone happy and full, if but for a moment, is really incredibly to be perceptive to.  It isn't falsified kindness if it is coming from your heart and a place of authenticity. 

Equally, being open to receiving the gift is just as critical. Open your heart and your eyes to your own greatness and when someone acknowledges it in you; breathe it in, marinate in it. We have so much to be grateful for in this life and we can assist others in their journey. We can learn a lesson about ourselves with the help of others, so we thank all the people who we have met, are yet to meet and all those we know, through the act of giving unconditionally and receiving with an open heart we are creating a cycle of compassion and humanity and its value to the planet is immeasurable. If you don't have money to give, give love, kindness and compassion and you will create a ripple effect across the world.

When we give to another without the idea that we are actually needing anything in return, we are able to experience the frequency of real love. What we are then able to see is the expanded nature of true love without an attachment to gratification. Giving is a way we can touch on pure love and harmony in every moment. At the risk of sounding like I'm tooting my own giving horn, some people and cultures believe giving should be practice in private without ego playing into the exercise. This is because through silence you can look inwards and connect to the highest aspects of yourself.  Maybe this is true, but it is important to explore generosity. When we give we can also find what stimulates compassionate heart-break in ourselves and what makes us feel a connection to all. We want to feel. If you are giving with an open heart and want to share it - then do it!