The Alchemists encapsulates the process we undergo as humans; one of transformation and transmutation, embodying the constant universal flux, the undulations of the human condition and the quest for a life that is golden.

Ondine started The Alchemists as a passion project, at a time post-high school when she was searching for an outlet in which she could speak about the things that had always inspired her and permeated her life. Raised with a deeply spiritual mother, (her lineage, shamanic Mapuche women of Chile), her lens for life had always been one steeped in consciousness, a good meal, art, music and surrounded by strong women from the moment she was born.
In a time when we’re increasingly asked to fit into a “box” for easy categorisation, you can’t pin-down an alchemist, it is someone who rolls with every aspect of the self; embracing the imperfections, expressing gratitude for the multi-faceted being that is whilst embracing the lightness of life, the beauty and effervescence in every experience. Wellness, food, spirituality, incredible women, a good playlist, a nice outfit - all parts of the whole.


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